IRIBITO -Stranger-


IRIBITO -Stranger-

There are people who are fascinated by art and devote their lives to it. Then there are those who are violated by art and fault it for their misery.

A visually pleasurable and intellectually stimulating mystery about art

Naho Takamura (Mitsuki Takahata) is deputy curator of a museum she took over from her grandfather, a passionate art collector. She also inherited his firm aesthetic sense and is married to a man who is the third curator of a gallery in Ginza.
While Naho, who is expecting, is in Kyoto long term to get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, she encounters a painting by an unknown artist. It utterly fascinates her, and while trying to track down its roots and the story behind it, she gets pulled into a realm where art enthusiasts' wanton desires rule, a place where she discovers a life-changing truth.

Mitsuki Takahata
Shunsuke Kazama
Meiko Kaji
Yutaka Matsushige
Original story:
Maha Harada
Kentaro Hagiwara
Hisayo Seki

Solomon's Perjury


Solomon's Perjury

"Why don't we hold a trial ourselves?"
A grand mystery drama based on a Miyuki Miyabe story that sold over 3 million copies

It's Christmas morning. Ryoko Fujino (Moka Kamishiraishi) discovers the body of a classmate, Takuya Kashiwagi (Yuki Nomura), in the snowy yard of their high school. While the police and high school conclude his death was a suicide, Ryoko gets an anonymous letter saying that Shunji Ooide (Ryota Bando) and his friends committed the murder. Whether it was suicide or murder becomes the object of a speculation in the media and on social media. While high school principal Masao Tsuzaki (Kaoru Kobayashi) is working to deal with the situation, another incident comes along. Unconvinced and dissatisfied with the adults' handling of the two puzzling occurrences, Ryoko and Kazuhiko Kambara (Hio Miyazawa), an enigmatic student from another school, decide to take things into their own hands: "Why not hold a trial ourselves?" An unprecedented in-school court convenes!

Original story:
Miyuki Miyabe
Hajime Gonno
Eriko Shinozaki
Moka Kamishiraishi
Hio Miyazawa
Maika Yamamoto
Hidaka Ukisho
Yuki Nomura
Ryota Bando
Serena Motola
Miu Tomita

The Snitch's Serenade: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Case File

密告はうたう 警視庁監察ファイル

The Snitch's Serenade: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Case File

Tailing, stakeouts, betrayal--
A hard-boiled thriller full of suspense and mystery!

After a junior detective dies in the line of duty during an active investigation, Detective Masaki Sara (Masahiro Matsuoka) of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police First Investigation Division is transferred to Section 1 of the Personnel Division, the internal affairs unit that investigates officers suspected of misconduct. Still traumatized by his past, Masaki is forced to carry out his duties as a lonely outcast as his colleagues shun him as a snitch.
One day, a message arrives. It's a tipoff that Saiko Minaguchi (Rika Izumi), Masaki's former colleague in the First Investigation Division, is leaking confidential information. Although Masaki is reluctant to investigate someone he used to work with, he obeys his boss and starts looking into Saiko. He soon discovers a link to an unresolved murder and some buried facts about the death of his junior detective Saito (Shota Totsuka). What shocking truth awaits Masaki beyond his suspicions and inner conflict?

Masahiro Matsuoka
Rika Izumi
Shota Totsuka
Tetsuhiro Ikeda
Sayaka Akimoto
Masaki Miura
Hidekazu Mashima
Toru Nakamura

A Story of "Grappler Baki" and Me


A Story of

Honoka Matsumoto enthusiastically plays a fujoshi who fantasizes "Grappler Baki" as a boy's love manga!

Akane Kojima (Honoka Matsumoto), who works for a stationery manufacturer, has a hobby that no one in the company knows about. It is BL (Boys' Love). She is such a fanatic about BL that she is willing to substitute even the most mundane things in her daily life for BL. One day, she stumbles upon a famous martial arts manga "Grappler Baki". While reading the manga she discovers the potential of a BL manga from the characters physical beauty and their behaviors. Rather than focusing on who is the strongest or which techniques are the best, she begins to spend her days obsessively fantasizing about the coupling between the characters including the main character, Baki Hanma. At work, she hides her true self and gets through her work without a hitch. After work, she talks about BL with her fujoshi friends and at home, she passionately discusses BL in her fantasy world... that was her happiness. But when she became close to her junior colleague, Takeno, who is getting ready for an important presentation, her boss, Kajiwara, and her old classmate, Shibamoto, her peaceful days begin to crumble... This story is a record of the fierce battle of Akane, a BL fantasist.

Honoka Matsumoto
Amane Okayama
Fuju Kamio
Based on a book by:
Junko Kaneda
Directed by:
Santa Yamagishi
Screenplay by:
Makoto Ueda (Europe Kikaku)

Kokoro's "Tee-hee-hee!"



Nine curious stories based on an original idea by Masatomo Tamaru, a standard-bearer of modern short-short stories

High school freshman Kokoro Okuno has easygoing parents and a sometimes-tenuous grasp of reality, making her a bit naive compared to other kids of her age. In talking with her off-the-wall classmates, her motto is "High school is a wonderful place!" when she happens upon utterances or scenes that are new to her.
She enjoys her youth when she is compelled to join the Belly Bell Club with a childhood friend Kotaro Segawa. And she gets into the fads that spread among her classmates, like the "dialect lipstick" that makes you talk with a funny accent and the "air doughnuts" everyone is so infatuated with. On a career-day outing, she visits the Navy-Blue Sock Farm where she learns how to dye socks navy blue. Happy-go-lucky and full of curiosity, Kokoro giggles innocently at all the novel things that happen to and around her, enjoying them as they come.

Sora Tamaki
Ten Yamasaki
Riku Ohnishi
Masatomo Tamaru
Yoshiaki Murao




Not a spy, not a detective, but a new kind of cloaky job: So what does a "player" do?

Falsely accused of molestation, Tomoki (Hayato Isomura) decides to commit suicide after losing both his job and his fiancée. Just as he is about to jump off a building, he witnesses a woman screaming and running towards him. She (Nao) is being attacked by a knife-wielder, and Tomoki--someone who just happened to be there--gets stabbed.
It turns out later though, that this whole scene was staged by Aika, a "player," and her client. It is then that Aika teachs Tomoki about her jobs of being a "player." He decides to hire Aika to take revenge on the people who drove him into the abyss with their false accusations of molestation.

Nao, Hayato Isomura
Shinji Kasahara
Noriko Aoyama
Hideki Kurauchi
Kosuke Imai
Original script:
Teruo Noguchi
Teruo Noguchi

Black Swan Lake


Black Swan Lake

A mystery depicting human evil human with nothing left to the imagination

Everything is too similar to the case 18 years ago. Shota Zaizen (Naohito Fujiki), now president of Zaizen Corporation, was then a private investigator working for another PI agency.
One day Shota is asked by a man, Tanioka, to investigate the abduction of his daughter. Tanioka has a piece of her dress, pieces of her torn underwear, some of her fingernails (which had been ripped off), and some photos the perp sent him. Shota manipulated the investigation to his advantage, which led him to the success that his current glamorous lifestyle is built on; meanwhile, because of his tampering, the real perp was never caught.
Is what's before him now the work of the real perp from 18 years ago? Or is what he's seeing someone else's tampering? Shota's daughter Mika has gone missing, and somebody sent him her belongings. He starts investigating on his own, only to uncover things about the past of his wife, Yuko (Michiko Kichise).

Naohito Fujiki
Michiko Kichise
Ken Miyake
Naomi Zaizen
Original story:
Makoto Usami
Kazuyuki Iwata
Hiroyuki Komine

A Copywriter Takes Paternity Leave


A Copywriter Takes Paternity Leave

Isn't parental leave supposed to be like a holiday?
A new breed of "survival chronicle" you'll want to watch with those closest to you!

Yosuke Ugaeri (Koji Seto) is an ad agency copywriter. He's overjoyed when Aiko (Kumi Takiuchi) announces that she's expecting, and, on a whim, he decides to take parental leave. Six months off work is all totally unexplored territory for him and his coworkers. He's excited, but also anxious about what it all means. He makes detailed plans for someone to cover for him before asking his boss, Mr. Hamasaki (Jun Murakami), for leave in a society where the practice has only shallow roots.
While thrilled over the birth of a daughter, this is just the beginning his days of confusion and turmoil. Her birth was also when he encountered a whole new world of emotions and challenges. Childcare, making dad friends, and sharing childcare responsibilities cascade down on him, but Yosuke manages to stumble through all the uncertainties with the help of his junior coworkers. Tune in to find out what new horizons await him at the other end of his leave!

Koji Seto
Kumi Takiuchi
Akapen Takigawa
Momoko Fukuchi
Jun Murakami
Original story:
Yohei Ugaeri
Junta Yamaguchi




"Back to the Sentai Futures"--Superheroes played by TEAM NACS in the Let's Go! TEAM NACS Project.

Their superhero costumes--all paying homage to a classic film--have been unveiled. Taking his name from a mad scientist, Doc Red is played by TEAM NACS leader Hiroyuki Morisaki. Doc Blue and Doc Pink are played by Yo Oizumi and Takuma Otoo, and Ken Yasuda fills the role of the villain, Bafun Otoko ("Horse Pie-Man"). Guiding this group of big-name celebrities is the job of the story's mastermind, TEAM NACS member Takuma Otoo--he's been running the plot around in his head for years!
What fights will they be drawn into? Perhaps ones you don't want to miss! Will the stories be full of laughter? Or perhaps tears? Bonds of friendship? Maybe even some farewells? Tune in for new kind of ultimate in entertainment!

TEAM NACS (Hiroyuki Morisaki, Ken Yasuda, Shigeyuki Totsugi, Yo Oizumi, Takuma Otoo)
Guest star:
Yoh Yoshida
Kentaro Horikirizono, Daisuke Kamijyo
Takeshi Takemura
Taisei Iwasaki

I Can Drink Alone! (working title)


I Can Drink Alone!  (working title)

A comedic drama showing where hard-working people can get a cold one in peace and a great meal without blowing a hole in their wallets!

Mei Benikawa (Aya Ōmasa) is a 28-year-old public relations executive at a cosmetics company. She is well liked and respected by her coworkers for her good looks and her results-oriented drive. Though earning her the PR department's top job despite her age, these things have a downside: They make her a target of envy. People talk. She's finnicky, they say, a real picky eater. But she's got side they don't know. It surfaces when she's on her way home from work, and it belies the image the gossip mongers have conjured. She stops at run-of-the-mill chain restaurants for her favorite reward after a hard day--cheap but great-tasting food and some blissful suds to unwind and reset. What a way to get ready for another day!

Aya Ōmasa
Ren Kiriyama
Karen Otomo
Mitsuki Tanimura
Momoko Kikuchi
Original story:
Misato Konari
Rie Yokota, Fumie Mizuhashi, and Kiko Inoue
Takashi Ninomiya, Takehiro Shindo, and Eiki Shimomukai

Keigo Higashino's "The Hovering Blade"


Keigo Higashino's

A sympathy- and tears-inspiring story exploring an eternal theme: Who should pass judgement on perpetrators? People acting on their own? The law? Society?

After Shigeki Nagamine (Yutaka Takenouchi) loses his wife, he raises Ema, his cherished high school-aged daughter, by himself . One night, Ema doesn't come home from work, and a few days later her body is found, gruesomely mutilated.
Shigeki then gets an anonymous phone call naming the perpetrators and their whereabouts. Shigeki visit the alleged apartment and toss it. He finds a video of Ema being cruelly killed. When Atsuya, one of the perpetrators, suddenly appears, Shigeki eventually kills him; he then embarks on a search for Kaiji, the crime's instigator and a juvenile delinquent. The story will leave you wondering: Is it really wrong for a father to avenge a family member while turning society, the law, and everything against himself?

Yutaka Takenouchi
Yuriko Ishida
Takahiro Miura
Kanji Furutachi
Kumi Takiuchi
Mizuki Inoue
Hirotaro Honda
Jun Kunimura
Original story:
Keigo Higashino
Noriko Yoshida
Shinzo Katayama

The Grand Family


Your Tales of the Unusual

Revival of a timeless masterpiece portraying ambition, love, and rivalry in politics and finance over riches and power

The setting is Japan's post-war period of rapid economic growth. Daisuke Mampyo heads the Hanshin Bank, the country's tenth largest in deposits, and leads the Mampyo Conglomerate, which owns many other businesses as well as the bank. Learning from Mima, his daughter Ichiko's husband and an elite finance ministry bureaucrat, of a government plan to consolidate the Japan's big urban banks, Daisuke maneuvers to ensure his empire's survival by plotting to acquire other banking majors through mergers.
On the home front, the Mampyo household includes Yasuko, Daisuke's wife; Teppei, his oldest son and a senior director of Mampyo Conglomerate stalwart Hanshin Steelworks; Gimpei, Daisuke's other son and a Hanshin Bank executive; Daisuke's daughters Tsugiko and Mitsuko; and Daisuke's mistress, Aiko, who has lived with the family for years. Family members resent Aiko's power in the household and her influence over their relationships, which only fuels ambitions and greed among them. And Teppei's desire to expand the steel business with a new mill sparks conflict with his father over financing, complicating the situation even further.


Farthest End


Farthest End

Marika Matsumoto's first starring role in a drama series
Demonic. Temping. Dishonest. Tender. Like the sunshine: Marika plays a woman of many faces, all of them true

Tokyo, 1985. An apartment burns down in a suspected crime of passion. Ritsuko Ikematsu (Marika Matsumoto), a childhood friend of the victim, novelist Kohei Kimizuka, is arrested for arson. A prosecutor, Tsudaguchi, interviews Ritsuko, but she evades his questions, assuming a flippant air. Wanting to learn more about her, Tsudaguchi contacts people who were involved with Ritsuko in one way or another, but each describes a totally different person. Like them, Tsudaguchi is intrigued by Ritsuko herself. He eventually finds out that in the mid-1950s Ritsuko's and Kohei's fathers performed in the same folk singing troupe in the Tsugaru, Aomori region where Ritsuko and Kohei spent their early childhood. Tsudaguchi speculates that an incident between troupe members holds the key to the arson-homicide.

Marika Matsumoto
Kohei Matsushita
Hayato Kakizawa
Original story:
Shin Takeda
Eiji Uchida

Beside A River


Beside A River

Ah, Life! What shall I pick up today? A story of two men living quietly beside a river, enjoying bittersweet but light-hearted days full of humor

Two old guys, Toshi-chan (Toshiki Ayata) and BB (Bengal), live in a hut they've built of tarps in a riverside area. Every day at four in the morning, they set out collecting cans in the streets to sell, and they go to sleep at 7:00 in the evening to save money on electricity. Although they lead an easy life, practicing the motto Living in the free life without imposing on others is the best, they boast of being homeless people living independently. One day, Nao, a young actress at a small theatrical company, visits them. Preparing for a role as a heroine who falls in love with the leader of a group of homeless people, she asks to interview them. A long night of deep conversation ensues. (Episode 1)

Toshiki Ayata
Hideyuki Hirayama

FM999: 999 Women's Songs

FM999: 999 Women's Songs

FM999: 999 Women's Songs

As she asks herself, "What is it to be a woman?" a radio begins to play inside her head, bursting with fantasy and personalities

Having just turned 16, Kiyomi is overcome by a kaleidoscope of mixed emotions. "What is it to be a woman?" No sooner than she posits the question, she hears a radio DJ's voice inside her head. "Women's songs! Radio FM 999. Here we go!" The DJ plays songs that resonate with her anxieties. Closing her eyes, she encounters all kinds of women, learning from them and the world of music she conjures in her head. One day, after school in her classroom, Kiyomi is ruminating about her future--her path after graduation, college entrance exams, the male-dominated society she'll have to contend with. She feels frustration at the thoughts running around in her head. "What is it to be a woman?" she mutters. Once again, she hears that DJ's voice, and FM 999 plays in her imagination. Coming back to herself, she's still in the classroom, but not alone. Shinkai, a boy in the class ahead of hers--and someone destined to have profound influence on her future--is there.

Hina Yukawa
Takashi Okabe
Yuki Kura
Tarako (voice)
Rie Miyazawa, Meirin, Rina Ohta, Aki Yashiro, Serena Motola, Mariko Goto, Rie Tomosaka, Aoi Yamada, Toko Miura, Yuriyan Retriever
Original screenplay:
Makoto Nagahisa
Makoto Nagahisa
Other directors:
Takeshi Nakamura, Kazuhiro Okuma

Suzuki Matsuo and the 30-minute Actresses


Suzuki Matsuo and the 30-minute Actresses

Sketch comedy master Suzuki Matsuo pairs up with one actress at a time to present a WOWOW original drama series

Otona Keikaku Theater Company Chairman and Tokyo Bunkamura Theater Cocoon Artistic Director Suzuki Matsuo pairs up with four actresses in a series of sketch comedy shows, each making the most of the featured actresses' attributes.

Suzuki Matsuo
Featured actresses:
Yo Yoshida, Mikako Tabe, Kumiko Aso, Haru Kuroki
Suzuki Matsuo
Suzuki Matsuo

Literary Boys! -- Reinterpreting masterpieces with Johnny's Jr. --

文豪少年! ~ジャニーズJr.で名作を読み解いた~

Literary Boys! -- Reinterpreting masterpieces with Johnny's Jr. --

Delving into the masterpieces of Japan's literary legends
This ambitious drama series attempts to convey the fun of Japanese literature to younger generations and the wider world. Going beyond being a mere visualization of classic masterpieces in the raw, it instead portrays them from a unique and modern perspective. Each episode is structured to be a self-contained reinterpretion of a masterpiece by one of Japan's greatest authors like Natsume Soseki, Dazai Osamu, Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Edogawa Rampo, and Koizumi Yakumo.

Otona Keikaku Theater Company Chairman and Tokyo Bunkamura Theater Cocoon Artistic Director Suzuki Matsuo pairs up with four actresses in a series of sketch comedy shows, each making the most of the featured actresses' attributes.

Starring (by Episode) All:
Issey Ogata, host
1. "クモの糸": Koki Kuroda,
2. "メロスを待つ男": Wataru Vasayegh
3. "注文が多い店には気をつけろ": Shosei Oda, Kairu Tamura
4. "罪と罰の散歩者": Koki Kawasaki
5. "二百十日の二百十段": Kosei Hiyama, Hideki Ajima,
6: 稲荷坂の秘密": Ryusei Fukada
7. "外科室のある洋館": Nao Oriyama
8. "少年と舟": Takumi Kitagawa
9. "雪おんなの風": Waku Motoki
10. "冬の青い日傘": Sota Uchimura
Original screenplay:
Takara Komatsuya
Shigekatsu Honda, Hiroyuki Nakao, Muso Matsui, Karibu Hobo, Hironori Kujiraoka




Three murders triggered by friendship
A though-provoking, suspense-filled drama about three girls' lives intertwined by unfortunate incidents

Yuri (Kanna Hashimoto), a high school student who lives in a provincial housing project, is heartbroken by a rift that develops between herself and a classmate, Satoko (Ai Yoshikawa), when Yuri does nothing to help Satoko escape the sexual abuse of her grandfather. Yuri goes on to be friends with Maho (Wakana Aoi), a new classmate who moves from Tokyo. Maho takes everything very seriously, a personality quirk that alienates her classmates--except for Yuri, who, living in the same housing project, discretely nurtures a friendship with her. One day, a knife-wielding thug attempts to assault Maho, but Yuri intervenes and winds up stabbing him. Though sure it was self-defense, she flees and falls asleep in terror over what has happened. But when she awakens, she learns that Satoko, by now a delinquent, has been arrested for what she did.

Starring (by Episode)
Kanna Hashimoto
Wakana Aoi
Ai Yoshikawa
Jin Shirasu
Kaito Miyachika
Nene Otsuka
Honami Suzuki
Fumie Kondo
Naruhide Mizuta
Eriko Shinozaki

I Recommend Books on Dating Sites (working title)


I Recommend Books on Dating Sites (working title)

A drama series based on a best-selling novel that drew interest through SNS and word of mouth
How do people reflect on themselves, and what kind of life do they seek to lead when they encounter good books?

Nanako Hanada is on the verge of divorcing husband Ken. The bookstore she manages is struggling as well, and despite still being in her 30s feels her life just isn't moving forward. For a change of pace, she signs up with a dating site writing, "I'll recommend the perfect book for you" in her profile. She meets lots of interesting people, all unique and idiosyncratic and, whether man or woman, many are quite off the wall and require caution. After many encounters, she finds herself gradually drawn to a videographer named Endo, with a man with cute smile who she gets along well with and starts meeting regularly.

Starring (by Episode)
Miori Takimoto, Terunosuke Takezai, Win Morisaki
Original story:
Nanako Hanada
Sorami Date
Sumisu, Keijiro Tsubakimoto, Hiroto Totsuka

Your Tales of the Unusual


Your Tales of the Unusual

Bizarre worldviews, lots of foreshadowing, unpredictable plots. Outcomes that exceed the imagination, followed by terror. These are the stories of five people who get lost in weird, scary, even amusing worlds filled with twists and turns.

In Episode 1, "Sharing House or Not," people with stable jobs, money, and friends decide to live together. Why? Hiroko Tagami, a freelancer looking for a story to boost her career, starts an undercover investigation to find out why four men and women who seem to have everything in life, have chosen to live under the same roof. What she discovers--the real reason they're living together--goes way beyond anything she could ever imagine!


Ann's Lyrics: Ann Sakuragi's Haiku Lessons

あんのリリック -桜木杏、俳句はじめてみました-

Your Tales of the Unusual

Ann Sakuragi is an art college student who, having few friends, finds great pleasure in delving into the writing on a neighborhood bulletin board and secretly composing lyrics for a rapper. Subaru Renjo is a poet working at a major ad agency where his boss, Rose, puts him on a team whose job is to work haiku into rap, a task so incongruous that it baffles him.

Ann meets Subaru by chance and starts helping him despite her hypervigilance around others. One day, she goes to a haiku gathering hosted by poet Ayuhiko Motomiya where she meets lots of interesting people and finds herself fascinated by a world of haiku she never knew existed. Then, at a business meeting a short time later, Ann has an encounter--with the popular rapper she's been writing lyrics for!


Tokkai: Bad Asset Wars


Tokkai: Bad Asset Wars

The third series in WOWOW's adaptation of Hidetoshi Kiyotake's stunning novel, this is the story of an elite team out to recover nearly ¥7 trillion in taxpayer money from malicious defaulters!

In 1996, Akira Shibasaki (HIDEAKI ITO), a loan officer at a private bank, is seconded to the Housing Loan Administration Corporation, a state-owned entity charged with recovering dud loans made by since-bankrupt housing loan corporations. At the Housing Loan Administration, bankers like Shibasaki and ex-employees of the housing loan corporations have one priority: recover every last yen of bad debt--a whopping total of ¥6.8 trillion yen, much of it covered by an ire-inspiring ¥685 billion infusion of public money into the housing loan corporations after Japan's economic bubble burst in the early 90s.
The Tokkai ("special collections") unit was set up almost as if to make amends for that blunder. The team does valiant battle with egregious defaulters, its members risking their lives to claw back every yen of taxpayer money from swindlers, real-estate moguls, and organized criminals who thrived on the bubble.




Your Tales of the Unusual

A series highlighting the easily overlooked yet truly significant in everyday life

Satomi Kobayashi plays Tenko, proprietor of Pension Metsä (Finnish for forest), in a series of six 30-minute episodes of original stories focusing on the interactions between Kobayashi's character and a visitor to her guesthouse in a remote Nagano larch forest, each played by a distinguished guest actor.
A unique actress, Kobayashi is renowned for ability to play independent-minded loner-heroine types. Her down-to-earth Tenko's experiences show how seemingly unremarkable encounters can be significant turning points in life, ones where a person discovers something new in or about themselves. Every episode will prompt laughter, tears, and an awakening to what is truly significant in life.

Episode Titles:

#1: The Gentleman in the Mountain
#2: Yearning to be Alone
#3: Bonfire
#4: Yamabiko's Holiday Away
#5: A Man from the Past
#6: Wandering




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