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International Paralympic Committee×WOWOW Paralympic Documentary Series WHO I AM)

A popular young actor, Hayato Isomura, visits sauna-mecca Finland

Out to find the supreme sauna experience, Hayato and veteran "saunaer" Ichiro Yatsui set off to Finland. The sauna's history can be traced back over two millennia and given that Finland has by some estimates as many as 3 million saunas for a population of about 5.5 million, one needs no further evidence to conclude that they're an integral part of every Finn's life.
In the first four episodes of the series, Hayato and Ichiro get a taste of genuine saunas around Finland. In the two remaining episodes, Hayato applies his new-found knowledge back home in Japan. He arranges a sauna camp, a sauna session in the midst of nature, and other variations on the theme, then gathers his fellow sauna aficionados (saunaers!) for some fun and relaxation.



CONTACT ART~原田マハと名画を訪ねて~

International Paralympic Committee×WOWOW Paralympic Documentary Series WHO I AM)

An art program visiting masterworks by the world's greatest artists in the archives of art museums around Japan

Viewers are likely to have seen photos of the art author Maha Harada visits on her journey to several of Japan's art museums, for they are all masterpieces by some of the world's most renowned painters. Maha not only acts as an informed as well as informative guide to the work with which she brings us into contact, but she also communicates a connoisseur's delight in showing us the museums' gardens.

Episodes, artists and locations

1 Claude Monet, Shimane Art Museum
2 Gustave Courbet, Shimane Art Museum
3 Jean Francois Millet, Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art
4 Charles-François Daubigny, Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art
5 Salvador Dalí, Fukuoka Art Museum
6 Andy Warhol, Fukuoka Art Museum
7 Gustav Klimt, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
8 Egon Schiele, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art

International Paralympic Committee×WOWOW Paralympic Documentary Series WHO I AM

IPC&WOWOW パラリンピック・ドキュメンタリーシリーズ WHO I AM

International Paralympic Committee×WOWOW Paralympic Documentary Series WHO I AM)

Documentary series featuring the world's top Paralympic athletes until the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.A collaboration between IPC (International Paralympic Committee) and WOWOW.

A long-term documentary series by the IPC and WOWOW spanning five years from the 2016 games in Rio to the 2020 games in Tokyo featuring the world's top Paralympic athletes. The series features the athletes' strong confidence "This is WHO I AM" not only in their sports but also in their lives outside the competition.

The Three Generations of Nomura Kyogen Family
Mansaku, Mansai and Yuki:Divine Dance in Paris

野村家三代 パリに舞う~万作・萬斎・裕基、未来へ

The Three Generations of Nomura Kyogen Family Mansaku, Mansai and Yuki:Divine Dance in Paris

Nomura family is responsible for preserving and inheriting the 650 years tradition of "KYOGEN". The film follows their Divine Dance performance in Paris.

Mansaku Nomura (87) is the master of Kyogen, still passionate to search for new expressions in his performance. His son Mansai (52) is the icon of the Japanese traditional performing artist in nowadays,who also takes critical role in wide range of arts and entertainment, including the Creative Director of TOKYO 2020 Olympics' ceremony. Mansai's son Yuki (18) has just started his own career as a pro, to inherit his family's art to the new era.
The film follows the family's project in 2018, performing the most traditional divine dance "SAMBASO" at a theater in Paris.




"I love cats! I want to make them happy! I want them to like me!" A factual entertainment to gratify cat lovers.

A program full of interesting information for all cat lovers. If the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from watching cute kitties isn't enough for you, learn how to interact with cats, how to share a happy home with them, and how to make them like you more. The show explores how to be loved by cats, the greatest joy of cat lovers. It comprises various segments hosted by cat-loving creators who introduce items, food, living environment, and other useful tips for capturing the hearts of our feline friends. Learn how to deepen your bond with cats! Look forward to the various breeds featured every week!




Visit shrines and temples around Japan to examine "Wasan" Japan's distinct traditional mathematics! A unique travel series that traces history to have fun with numbers.

"Wasan" is a math discipline that was at its peak during the Edo period (17-19C). Its problems and answers are inscribed on wooden tablets called "sangaku" that were dedicated to shrines and temples to thank the gods for the solutions. They fascinate foreign scholars, and the advanced concepts and approaches of Wasan have been academically proved.
The host of the show visits shrines and temples in search of the surviving sangaku and tries to solve the math problems. Historical sites and scenic areas in the vicinity are also featured in the show. Rediscovering the splendor of Japan's traditional culture through a precious intellectual legacy.




Lifestyle program presenting the charming outdoor experiences in the grand nature.

Japan is now seeing an unprecedented boom of outdoorsy "vacations" that offer escape from the urban hubbub and everyday worries. The program showcases the outdoor life as an essential lifestyle culture in modern society.
It features campsites in Izu, Lake Yamanakako at the foot of Mount Fuji, Wakasa Bay, as well as other scenic areas in Japan that are still little known in other countries. Watch the three female hosts experience the great outdoors and enjoy outdoor fashion, helpful items, meals, and activities.




Documentary series unveiling the story of the birth of premium sakes around Japan.

Japanese Sake is the gift of brewer's soul and the history/tradition of each regions in Japan. WOWOW's documentary series "TALES OF SAKE" tells the hidden stories of the birth of premium sake, focusing on the brewer's drama and the beautiful landscapes.
How was the finest premium sake produced? What had moved the brewer's passion for their new challenge? And why is sake so special for the heart of Japanese people. "TALES OF SAKE" is the answers to those questions.

RAILWAY STORY -The Travel of Revival Tohoku-

Railway Storyスペシャル 東北復興の鉄路を行く

RAILWAY STORY -The Travel of Revival Tohoku-

Do you think the whole area of Tohoku is still a stricken region after the catastrophic tsunami, and still a forbidden place due to the nuclear plant disaster?
The answer is slightly YES... but mostly NO!
Although there are many problems to be faced, people of Tohoku are keeping their effort to revive their beautiful land. Now, 95% of the railroads are restored, and the new markets are brisk at the stricken fishing ports. 3 years after the disaster, travelers from around the world can now easily find their joy in traveling Tohoku.
This program is a 4-episode series traveling the Tohoku region from south to north by train, mostly along the Pacific coast reviving from the tsunami.
Not just to inform you that Tohoku is now reviving, the series will present how exciting the travels in Tohoku will be, with its breathtaking sceneries, delicious local cuisines, comfortable hot-spring inns, world-heritage sights, historical tourist spots, and people full of warm hospitality.
Moreover, Railway Story will let you discover the deep stories and traditions of Tohoku, with historical episodes in each place.




"BOKUKOE" is a comedy show which popular Japanese voice actors challenge in dramas, comedy,
animation and many other image expressions.

Popular Japanese voice actors are presenting a new way of variety show, transcending over genre such as drama, animation, music, comedy and more! Enjoy the magic of this wonderland-show!

A high school boy meets a mysterious creature one day, and get's a request "Please save the world..."
A popular voice actor acts as a historical hero, Nobunaga Oda.
A monster with sexy voice attacks!
Look into the passion of Manga artist, which actually do not exist...



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