Cinematic VR experience with multi endings
using eye-tracking

This project is the world's first VR movie production project with branching stories and multiple endings that WOWOW and stoicsense Inc. have collaborated on.

We believe that VR-based video experiences can create an unprecedented video experience that can actually "enter" into the world of movies. This project started with the desire to create a work that involves not only "watching" but also senses what exists in the world.

In a VR space with an overwhelming worldly view and beautiful characters created by Director Hiroaki Higashi, also a representative of stoicsense, Inc., the viewers will have an experience as if they were a resident of the world. And with eye-tracking, we reflect our intentions in the actions of the world and the selection of each story.
With this work, we provide an unknown video experience that no one has ever experienced.

In fiscal 2019, we created a previs incorporating eye-tracking for story branching and key characters. In the future, we will raise funds for production and strive towards the release of the work in 2021.

We are currently looking for companies that can participate in this new challenge.
If you are interested in this work, please contact us from [Contact us] below.
If you are interested, we can also demo previs for you.

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