Cinematic VR experience with multi endings
using eye-tracking

Setting / Concept

Future city "TOKYO".
AI/AR has become the communication infrastructure, with space elevators constructed, and emigration to space colonies in satellite orbit has begun. When AI technology matures and surpasses the capabilities of human beings and becomes closer to us, can we have the same feelings for AI as humans? The future life and emotions that coexist with AI, and the choice of a new way of living is depicted.

Future city "TOKYO"


Life in harmony with AI partners

With the evolution of technology, we will be in an era where our lives will be transformed into data at any time and place. Depending on the perspective, the data management society looks cramped, but will there be a future where the existence of AR/AI partners can enrich everyone's life? One day, there will be a world with AI partners, just like a mobile phone. In that world, how will humans live, and what AI partners will exist? We aim to create a work that depicts the relationship between such future humans and AI.

Story branching

In this work, we prepare two branches with three endings.

Also, depending on the direction of the user's viewing, there are minor story branches that do not relate to the ending, such as a change in costumes, items and lines selected by the character, and many detailed productions.

Story branching

Example of a story branch

Example of a minor story branch

After this, the user's perspective is that of the man and the story changes upon approaching the woman the user is watching.


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