WOWOW's principles of action stipulate that we will "believe in and leverage individuals' potential" and "place emphasis on innovation and value creation." We promote mutual respect for and recognition of diverse values and individuality, regardless of gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, and disabilities, and encourage the pursuit of innovation and reform based on outside-the-box thinking. Additionally, we work to establish fair HR systems for evaluating and promoting employees based on their demonstrated abilities and provide diverse, comprehensive career support at each life stage. Through these initiatives, we are striving to offer HR development and a corporate environment that enable personnel with diverse values, individuality, experiences, and knowledge to thrive regardless of their attributes.

Fostering a Culture That Enables Diverse Employees to Flourish

1.Empowering Female Employees

WOWOW does not have any gendered jobs or classification systems, and we offer equal career development paths to everyone regardless of gender. There is no pronounced difference in the proportion of male and female hires. Furthermore, we work to provide comprehensive, varied career support to employees at each life stage, including recommending the use of childcare leave to both men and women and establishing a reduced working-hours program and babysitter subsidy program.
As of March 31, 2024, women accounted for 33% of all employees, including 22% of management positions and 46% of staff positions. We have also set a 100% target for the number of female employees who return to their job after taking childcare leave. With regard to women in management positions, our goal is to increase the proportion to 25% by March 2025 and 35% by March 2028.

2.Hiring and Training Employees from Other Countries

Since our establishment, WOWOW has striven to deliver select content from around the world to subscribers in Japan before other providers, and we also make an effort to hire and train global human resources.
As of March 31, 2024, employees with non-Japanese citizenship represented 1% of all employees, with 0% in management positions. In addition, the proportion of all employees whose highest academic qualification is from a foreign university or graduate school is 3%. Besides the above, we also have many employees with international experience, including studying, living, or working abroad, and the number of global human resources is increasing year by year. We will continue to actively recruit and train even more global employees. However, we recognize that the proportion of global human resources and employees with non-Japanese citizenship in management positions at WOWOW is insufficient at present, so going forward, we will strive to establish a personnel development system and corporate environment that will increase this proportion.

3.Mid-Career Recruitment

As of March 31, 2024, 41% of all our employees were mid-career hires, including 41% of management positions. We believe employees who have acquired experience and knowledge in various businesses and sectors will be indispensable to growing new business areas for WOWOW. Each year, we hire a certain number of mid-career recruits. We will continue to pursue mid-career recruitment while striving to maintain the proportion of mid-career hires in management positions at a high level.

Recruitment Record

FY2023 13 people
FY2022 26 people
FY2021 12 people

4.Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Regardless of whether they have disabilities, WOWOW's diverse employees are actively involved in fields that enable them to make the most of their individual characteristics and skills. We also employ Paralympic athletes and support their athletic activities.

Employment Rate of Persons with Disabilities

FY2023 2.45%
FY2022 3.15%
FY2021 3.13%