About Us

  • Q 01Please tell us about the company details.

    Please refer to "Corporate Profile."

  • Q 02When was the Company established?

    The Company was established in December 1984 under the name "Japan Satellite Broadcasting, Inc." as the first private satellite broadcasting company in Japan.
    The Company commenced pay TV broadcasting service in April 1991. The Company later changed its company name to WOWOW INC. in December 2000.
    For further details, please refer to "History" under "Corporate Profile."

  • Q 03When were your stocks listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

    The Stocks were listed on Mothers of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in April 2001, and then they were transferred to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in March 2011.

About Our Business

  • Q 04Please describe your business.

    The Company broadcasts movies, TV dramas, sports programs and music programs acquired in Japan and from overseas, and our original dramas, documentaries and other in-house programs through our three full-HD channels.
    For details, please refer to "Business".

  • Q 05Please indicate your subscription statistical trend.

    Please refer to "Subscriptions".

About Our Stocks

  • Q 06Please indicate the Company's stock code number.

    The Company's stock code number on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is 4839.

  • Q 07Please indicate the Company's shareholder composition.

    Please refer to "Stock Data".

  • Q 08Please indicate the Company's stock price performance to date.

    Please refer to the Bloomberg L.P. page.

  • Q 09When is the annual general shareholders' meeting held?

    The annual general meeting of shareholders is held every June.
    Date and venue are notified through a convocation notice of the general shareholders' meeting.

About Stock Administrative Procedures

About Dividends

  • Q 11Please indicate the trend of actual dividends.

    Please refer to "Shareholder Returns".

  • Q 12Are there interim dividends?

    Any dividends are paid in the form of year-end dividends once a year.

About Financial Statements

  • Q 13When does the fiscal year end?

    The fiscal year ends at the end of March.

  • Q 14When is the Company's announcement of financial results made?

    Announcement of financial results is made on a quarterly basis.
    Please refer to "IR Calendar".

  • Q 15Where can I obtain the Company's latest financial information?

    The latest IR materials are available on the "IR Information" page.