Fresh in Our 30th Year

Representative Director, President & CEOAkira Tanaka

WOWOW commenced Japan's first pay TV satellite broadcasting service on April 1, 1991. We created new value that was unprecedented in Japanese society: new Hollywood movies, the world's top sports, live music performances in Japan and abroad, and other spectacular content can be enjoyed on the TV at home. Delivering an array of entertainment since, we have managed to mark the 30th anniversary of our station launch. We express our heartfelt thanks to the many customers who have supported us and all the creators and artists who have been with us.
Today, the surrounding business environment has changed drastically with a variety of entertainment now available via the Internet. WOWOW intends to take this opportunity of our 30th anniversary to offer new value to society once again.

From this January, WOWOW made application for subscription available online via Internet access alone, without BS viewing settings. With "WOWOW On-Demand" (WOD), even must-see sports and original drama series will be readily available for viewing. We will also be enriching the lineup of WOD-exclusive content. Large-scale drama series productions are also set to be launched. Furthermore, a 4K channel "WOWOW4K" will start from March 1 for those who wish to enjoy watching on large-screen TVs with high resolution. Our intention is to enable WOWOW entertainment to be enjoyed, whether on TVs or smartphones, to suit customers' lifestyles.
There's more. Going forward, WOWOW will not only be for customers to "view," but also evolve into a community in which customers "participate," "experience," and "support." The idea is to interactively link customers and creators, and together continue developing the entertainment culture.

The rampage of COVID-19 has transformed our social environment. A difficult situation continues also in the entertainment industry, however at the same time, the entertainment industry is sparking renewed recognition of its importance. WOWOW hopes to be of assistance in restoring vitality to society and bringing pleasure to people's lives through sports and entertainment.

Please look forward to WOWOW as we evolve.

Representative Director, President & CEO  Akira Tanaka