Nurturing a culture of entertainment
together with our customers

Representative Director, President & CEOAkira Tanaka

WOWOW began broadcasting in 1991 as Japan's first commercial satellite broadcasting station, and since then it has delivered a variety of entertainment including movies, music, sports and original dramas for over 30 years. The service, which started with a single BS broadcasting channel, has evolved into an array of services tailored to the lifestyles of our customers, now offering four channels (Prime, Live, Cinema and 4K) as well as WOWOW On-Demand. I am so grateful to the many customers who have supported us and to the creators and artists who have made content together with us.

Today, with the dramatic proliferation of video streaming services, the world is being flooded with a vast amount of content. Exciting content has never been created or consumed more rapidly. However, in such an era, what WOWOW offers is not just something to be consumed. WOWOW produces new value, and we will continue to deliver content that enriches your life with fresh surprises and shared emotions.

We hope that our content is something for you to not only watch but also participate in. We want to help you love your favorites even more, making for a richer, more enjoyable life. WOWOW will continue to nurture the culture of entertainment that we love together with our customers and all our partners.

Akira Tanaka
Representative Director, President & CEO