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Delivering Unique Value

Representative Director, President & CEOHitoshi Yamamoto

Since its first broadcast on April 1, 1991, WOWOW has delivered the world's finest movies, music, sports, theater, dramas, and other content. These 33 years of service have been possible only because of the support of our stakeholders, from our shareholders and business partners to our employees and local communities, and above all, because our customers continue to find unique value in what WOWOW delivers. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of our stakeholders.

Today, the world continues to change at an accelerating pace. In addition, Japan's population has entered an era in which more than half of the population is over 50 years old. Furthermore, with the rise of video streaming services, content is easier than ever to view, and the type of content the world demands is changing with the times. Against this backdrop, WOWOW takes a step forward with Purpose.

"Fill your life with WOW and increase the number of adults who live enthusiastically."

We believe that significance of our existence in society is to fill people's lives with emotions and surprises, make their everyday lives more enjoyable, and create a rich culture through entertainment.

WOWOW wants to be an entity that not only a WOWOW that offers customers something to watch but a WOWOW that delivers unique value.

We intend to keep taking on the challenge of understanding our customers more deeply, delivering more carefully selected content than ever before, and creating emotionally moving experiences and a wide variety of services that go beyond broadcasting and transmission. To this end, I promise to create a company where each one of our employees can make entertainment with confidence, creativity, and enjoyment.

I invite all of you to expect much from WOWOW's evolution and challenges.

Hitoshi Yamamoto
Representative Director, President & CEO