To inspire and
excite our audience anew

PresidentAkira Tanaka

WOWOW Inc. commenced pay TV broadcasting service as Japan's first private satellite broadcaster in April 1991. Following the launch of digital satellite broadcasting (BS) in 2000, we began full high-definition television broadcasting on three channels in October 2011--WOWOW PRIME, LIVE, and CINEMA. Through these channels, we have been delivering high-quality entertainment selected from around the world, including movies, sports, TV drama series, and music programs, while continuing to lead as the number-one premium pay TV broadcaster.

We aim to become "the best team of producers" as an entertainment media. This means to become "the best production team" that attracts top content creators, not only in Japan but also from countries around the world, eager to work with WOWOW and produce the programs they dream of making. Increasing more and more subscribers, building stronger connections with the subscribers, developing new business and enhancing the WOWOW brand, all these depend on how we can create programs and provide services that continuously exceed the expectations of viewers and bring them new surprises and thrills. We recognize that it is "the people" involved in creating such programs and services that are at the very heart of the process.

The culture of broadcasting has developed significantly since broadcasting began in Japan 63 years ago and WOWOW commenced pay TV broadcasting service 25 years ago. Today, with the new broadcasting technologies such as 4K and 8K resolution and connected TV, and the use of the Internet to view contents, the broadcasting industry and its surrounding environment have become more and more diverse. In this diverse environment, we will proactively challenge ourselves to develop services making use of next-generation broadcasting technologies and ICT. As a pay TV broadcaster, WOWOW has a mission to challenge and contribute to creating and developing a culture of broadcasting that goes beyond the field of public and charge-free commercial broadcasting. Through our broadcasting services, we aim to support making people's lives more stimulating, to enrich our culture, to be valued by the society and to be regarded as an essential media source. Please look forward to WOWOW as we pursue these endeavors.