We conduct SDG activities unique to WOWOW INC. as an entertainment company.
Along with the destruction of the natural environment, the growing social divisions and loss of tolerance around the world represent significant threats to humanity.
Through entertainment, we are supporting the realization of a society that is aware of environmental issues, respects diverse values and fosters tolerance.

1. Contributing to Social Diversity

WOWOW INC., an entertainment company, believes the transmissions that give us opportunities to realize our bias and consider diversity are the most effective contributions in realizing a society where diverse individuals shine and accept each other.
As one of such activities, we have continued to produce WHO I AM, a documentary series following Paralympic athletes, since 2016. We added Documentary Series WHO I AM LIFE, a new series, in 2023, and are delivering it to customers via broadcasting and transmission. Centering on such content, we have worked to bring these series to wider audiences together with various companies and organizations.

2. Supporting the Growth of Entertainment Culture

In order to reinvigorate the entertainment industry, WOWOW INC. is supporting people, organizations, and works in fields such as theater, film, music, and sport in an inclusive manner, thereby contributing to the continuity and growth of culture.
In FY2022, we held the second "Creator Award", and awarded individual creators who contributed to outstanding planning.
In addition, WOWOW Lab pursues the possibility of new content and services using technology.

3. Raising Awareness of Environmental Issues

Through our content, WOWOW INC. is working to raise awareness of environmental issues.
Driven by the voices of our customers, we will harness WOWOW's unique entertainment to contribute to the realization of a society that is aware of environmental issues, respects diverse values and freedom of expression, and fosters tolerance. At Tatsumi Broadcast Center, we have installed solar power generation equipment as well as both an electric air conditioner and a gas air conditioner to reduce power consumption and implement BCP measures.

We make contributions with an aim to achieve the following five goals among the international development goals included in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 17).

  • 質の高い教育をみんなに
  • ジェンダー平等を実現しよう
  • 働きがいも経済成長も
  • 人や国の不平等をなくそう
  • 気候変動に具体的な対策を

Signed the SDG Media Compact

In 2023, WOWOW INC. joined the SDG Media Compact, which was established by the United Nations to encourage media organizations and entertainment companies around the world to use their resources and creative talents to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.