Cinematic VR experience with multi endings
using eye-tracking

This project is striving to create the world's first branching multi-ending VR movie production. Using VR and eye tracking, we will try to make a never before seen movie with a story line that changes depending on the viewer.

Key points of this work


A new challenge that changes movies from viewing to an experience.
From the storytelling projected on the screen to immersive storytelling, you can absorb yourself into the story world and experience the story as the main character by using a completely new device called VR.


2Adoption of Eye-tracking (viewpoint authentication)

The eye-tracking system adopted allows the story to be influenced by where the user is looking (user's point of view). Rather than letting the user select a story by operating the controller as in a game, we track each user's eye movements, realizing intuitive interaction.

Adoption of Eyetracking

3Branching story

The main key to this work is that the story can be branched and multiple endings can be enjoyed. With eye-tracking, the user selects a story "unconsciously,"and the story proceeds. Just like watching a conventional movie, the story diverges without noticing, and each user will select the ending.


Reason to strive for a branching story

In the first place, the way a movie is perceived and received depends on the audience.
In the future, AI will be involved in the production, and the movie itself will have different contents and endings not only in how it is interpreted... Such "movies and dramas made by AI" will be created in the near future.

With current technology, it is not possible to create a story with AI, so this work only creates turning points in the story created, but we are particular about applying the branching method with the user's intuition and unconscious interaction.
AI creates stories based on casual judgments and actions of users.
This work will be the first step in making a movie with AI, which will appear in the not-so-distant future.

The last piece for creating a work is "the user who watches".

We want to start making such movies of the future from here.

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