With the emergence of new services such as video streaming and the accompanying diversification of ways consumers interact with content, our surrounding business environment is growing more competitive by the year. At the same time, the postponement, cancellation, downsizing and other changes to events inside and outside Japan due to COVID-19 are dealing a massive blow to the entertainment industry. That said, we believe the value of entertainment has been reaffirmed and, in fact, never been more needed. In light of these developments, we have formulated a long-term vision "10-Year Strategy" and "Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2021-2025)" to achieve Group-wide growth over the medium to long term.


WOWOW's 10-Year Strategy Cycle


By pursuing WOWOW's 10-Year Strategy cycle, we will provide extraordinary value to society and achieve sustainable growth.

In our Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2021-2025) based on this 10-Year Strategy, we will redesign our subscription business model from a visual media business to a content and community business. By shifting from offering content unidirectionally to having two-way communication with customers, we will develop and provide a variety of services in conversation with fans. In addition to a media service providing viewing experiences through broadcasting and transmitting with content at its core, we will offer a community service providing new content value such as participation and support, and an entertainment service to expand the content experience. These three business domains will improve the customer experience and build long-term relationships with them.

Redesign our subscription business model from
visual media business to content and community business


Key Initiatives

Having designated the first three years of the Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2021-2025) a period requiring drastic change, we will strive for thorough customer-centric reform of services. The four key initiatives are as follows:

1. Content
By developing major original content as flagships, strengthening our exclusivity on sports, music and other live entertainment and working with excellent creators and outside partners, we will develop content unique to WOWOW to be the core of our media service, community service and entertainment service.

2. Reform of media service
We will constantly improve our services through thorough customer-centric reform, improving the customer experience and maintaining or increasing net cumulative subscriptions, the foundation of our profits. Of particular emphasis will be expanding measures to improve the subscription continuation rate and enhancing our transmission service.

3. Expansion of community service
We will grow our community service in tandem with each business domain by offering not only the fun of watching and experiencing but also connecting with other fans, creators and partners to enjoy a new customer experience.

4. Evolution of entertainment service With our event business and movie business as key strategic categories, we will produce numerous projects in tandem with each business domain in an effort to scale up. We will also leverage our content procurement and planning expertise to aggressively develop new business.

Liking the content even more, enjoying every day even more,
living an even richer life


Through our media service we will provide the fun of watching; through our community service, the fun of connecting; and through our entertainment service, the fun of experiencing, to bring customers further into the ever-expanding world of WOWOW entertainment so that they like the content even more, enjoy every day even more and live an even richer life - this is the value we seek to offer our customers.