Becoming a Comprehensive Entertainment Media Group

WOWOW has established its medium-term management plan for FY2017-2020. With its pay TV broadcasting business at its core, WOWOW Group aims to achieve sustainable business growth by creating and offering top-quality entertainment to its customers, becoming an attractive place for creators as well as customers and promoting the use accumulated entertainment content. To that end, WOWOW will broaden the range of its original content and use digital technology to enhance communication with its customers.

The plan consists of four key strategies: 1) Distinguish WOWOW from competitors with wide-ranging content that is thoroughly unique to WOWOW, 2) Revise marketing tools to acquire customers, 3) Achieve more service sophistication and 4) Enhance WOWOW Group synergy. Based on these strategies and in preparation for changes in the business environment, WOWOW will respond to the diverse needs of customers seeking top-quality entertainment by implementing initiatives enabling growth as a comprehensive entertainment media group.

Seeing the medium term as a period to prepare for growth from FY2021, WOWOW will focus on enriching its unique content and enhancing digital communication, and aim to realize continuous growth from FY2021 by developing new services while engaging in effective and efficient subscription marketing.


Summary of the Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2017-2020)PDF