Personnel Development

To help each individual employee have a sense of personal growth and achieve career goals that will lead to the future he or she has mapped out, we offer a career path program and training programs.

1.Career Path Program

Through one-on-one interaction, this program develops organizational leaders and highly specialized personnel more systematically based on individual employees' interests, strengths (knowledge, skills, experience), and intentions. Through the career path program, we aim to achieve the following:

  • To treat employees based on their demonstrated abilities, thereby helping to maintain and improve their motivation and job satisfaction
  • To have employees proactively choose and pursue a career path based on their own will
  • To foster personal growth while seeking out challenging new experiences

2.Training Programs

We have various training programs to support employees' growth, such as overseas training trips, external training involving interaction with various other industries, and short-duration business skills training, for which employees may apply regardless of their department or seniority.

  • New employee training
    Along with training to teach the basic knowledge required by our employees, we also offer training in conjunction with other group companies to provide a more in-depth understanding of each company's business, joint training with new employees from other companies in the industry, and opportunities to observe show tapings, events, etc. in person. Furthermore, we provide support for new hires to ensure a smooth transition to their job, such as OJT training with an assigned trainer after they begin their duties and follow-up training after half a year.
  • Overseas training trips
    Employees may take part in various overseas training trips, such as visiting CES or SXSW, regardless of their department or seniority. This is a new type of training introduced in 2018 based on employee feedback.
  • Skills development program
    With the aim of supporting self-motivated learning, this program focuses on the acquisition of skills that are directly related to the employee's current duties and job description. Employees themselves create an optimal training plan for the learning needed for their work. This may be used with approval of the company, which covers the training costs.
  • Ticket-based external training
    We have introduced training that teaches skills relating to business tasks via short-duration courses of several hours or one day, which all employees may take.

3.International Study and Temporary Position Program

With the medium- to long-term future of employees and the company in mind, this program supports learning for the purpose of growth. When employees enter a university or graduate school in Japan or abroad or are temporarily assigned to a company in Japan or abroad, the company will support them by covering the required expenses or paying part of their salary while they are on leave.

Past Examples

Educational institutions Waseda University Graduate School / Takachiho University Graduate School / Kochi University of Technology Graduate School / Toin University of Yokohama Law School / University of Tokyo Graduate School / Keio University Business School / Paris 8 University Vincennes-Saint-Denis

Work Styles / Benefits / Health Management

Work Styles

We have established a work environment with various programs that enable all employees to work comfortably and efficiently with peace of mind.

1.Work-Life Balance

We provide a flexible work environment and variety of programs that enable each individual employee to maximize their potential and adopt a work style that suits them, based on their duties and stage of life.

2.Full-Flex System

To support various work styles aligned with each employee's department and job description, we have introduced a full-flex system for all personnel which provides them with flexibility and independence in their work style.

3.Refreshment Leave

This program allows employees to take 10 days of leave for every 5 years of continuous service. It is used by many employees who take advantage of this time to recharge their batteries.

4.Banked Leave Program

This program allows employees to accumulate unused paid annual leave up to a certain number of days. These may be taken for child-rearing/caregiving, recuperation from an illness or accident, or social contributions such as volunteering.

5.Outside Employment

Employees may apply for outside employment, as long as it is outside of working hours and does not affect their work.

6.Office Environment

In January 2020, our offices were fully renovated, and since we use a hot-desking system with no assigned desks for individuals, employees may select a location to work based on their current duties or project, their mood on a given day, etc.

7.Remote Work

All employees may work remotely from home, a shooting location, a satellite office, etc., for the purposes indicated below. Each individual employee can therefore select the location where they will work in order to optimize performance based on their circumstances.

1) To improve productivity, diversity, or creativity
2) To balance work with child-rearing, caregiving, or personal recuperation
3) To reduce risks associated with commuting during a natural disaster or epidemic


To do highly creative work, we believe that employees must be healthy in both mind and body. WOWOW therefore offers comprehensive entertainment and health support programs.

1. Cafeteria plan

This program was introduced to expand the scope of the company's support to include everything from relaxation to entertainment, learning, leisure, child-rearing, caregiving, and more. Employees are given an equal number of points, which they may spend on the areas of their choice (travel, child-rearing, caregiving, personal development, etc.).

2. Club subsidy program

The purpose of this subsidy program is to enhance employees' health and welfare and to promote interaction between employees at different companies within the group. Tennis, baseball, soccer, cycling, and survival game clubs are currently active.

3.Subscription subsidy

Viewing WOWOW programs and services is important for employees to understand the products we offer. We provide each employee with up to three subscriptions.


Through our wealth-building savings programs (general, homebuying, pension), employees can save an amount of their choosing from their monthly wages and bonus in a financial institution under contract with WOWOW.

5.Employee Stock Ownership Association

The company provides incentives based on contributions through this benefit program, which offers an opportunity to foster employees' sense of participating in the business while creating an increased sense of belonging via stock ownership based on monthly contributions.

6.Defined contribution pension plan

Under this pension plan, employees manage premiums contributed by the company, and their pension payments are determined based on the fund management results. By providing regular information about asset management, investing, and so forth, we support employees so that they can play a proactive role in planning their post-retirement life.

Health Management

WOWOW states in its Code of Conduct that "the company shall strive to maintain a healthy working environment in which it is easy to work," and in seeking to maximize human capital, it prioritizes employees' well-being. As part of these efforts, the company aims to promote health through the improvement of lifestyle, thereby enhancing performance at the same time, to foster employees' health literacy and prevention awareness, and to pursue an environment that enables employees to work in a dynamic manner in an atmosphere that ensures support for their mental wellness.

WOWOW INC. Health Management Declaration

Making WOWOW a Company Where Employees Want to Keep Working

To deliver entertainment content that delights our customers, the mental and physical health of WOWOW's employees and a rewarding work environment are essential.

Believing that employees' health is precious and preserving it will lead to the growth of the company and peace of mind for their families, WOWOW engages in health management activities.

●Organizational Structure
The company promotes health management based on the view that ensuring employees' health and well-being is an essential strategy in maximizing human capital.
Through collaboration between the human capital department, occupational physicians, public health nurses, health insurance associations, the health committee, and others, WOWOW is engaged in enhancing and managing health for employees across the entire organization.

・Recommending health checks as a measure to prevent illnesses such as lifestyle-related diseases, with the aim of maintaining a 100% participation rate in periodic health checks
・Subsidizing influenza vaccinations
・Subsidizing optional medical exams such as gastrointestinal endoscopy, mammography and brain checkups
・Obtaining insurance coverage for the three major diseases and long-term disability to establish an environment that allows employees to work with peace of mind
・Introducing a work system that supports balancing labor and medical care, such as remote work, flex-time, and banked time off
・Creating opportunities for 1-on-1 interaction and feedback to ensure mental well-being and fostering dynamic internal communication
・Supporting the establishment of balanced eating and fitness habits
・Regular distribution of a health column written by a public health nurse
・System for health consultations with occupational physicians, a public health nurses, etc.

・Following up with employees in whom health issues were observed after their health check for the purpose of early detection and prevention of severe illness
・Recommending health checks to individuals who have received special health guidance
・Verifying improvement items and identifying company-wide health issues based on data on aging including those on lifestyle diseases and rate of people found to have health issues
・Distributing information via in-house publications with the aim of improving company-wide health issues
・Reviewing employee engagement surveys and promoting measures from the perspective of both employee satisfaction and working conditions
・Work environment improvement activities based on the results of group stress check analysis
・Occupational physicians conducting interviews with persons working long hours, individuals with high stress levels, etc.

●Occupational Health & Safety / Risk Management
As a forum for management-worker discussion of occupational health and safety, opportunities for communication about work environment development, work styles, and health management are provided on a monthly basis.

Representative Director, President & CEO
Hitoshi Yamamoto

Improving Work-Life Management (Child-rearing/Caregiving)

We have introduced various programs that enable employees who are raising children or providing care to successfully balance these activities with their work.

1.Childcare leave

Childcare leave may be taken until the final day of the month in which the child turns 2. From FY2014 to FY2021, 100% of employees returned to work after giving birth. The number of male employees taking childcare leave is also increasing.

Target usage rate: 50% or more for men, 100% for women
Usage record

FY2023 Men: 100.0% Women: 100.0%
FY2022 Men: 50.0% Women: 100.0%
FY2021 Men: 50.0% Women: 100.0%

2.Fixed/reduced working hours system

Employees who are working while raising a child, providing care, or recuperating from an accident or illness may work reduced hours or a fixed schedule with no work outside of the set hours. Employees can choose the working hour pattern that suits them, and those who are raising children may work fixed or reduced hours regardless of the child's age.

3.Subsidized babysitting

This program enables employees to subsidize babysitting fees by using babysitter service discount coupons.

4.Nursing and caregiving leave

This leave may be taken when nursing a child, obtaining a vaccination or health check for a child, providing care to a family member, etc. In the time of one year, the recipient may take up to 10 days if caring for one person and up to 20 days if caring for two or more people. Up to 10 days per year will be treated as paid leave.

5.Long-term caregiving leave

It is possible to take up to a total of one year per family member who requires care.