The WOWOW Code of Conduct sets out basic matters to be followed by all officers and employees of WOWOW and the WOWOW group as well as those in an employment or delegation relationship with the companies when performing their duties as well as when acting as individuals in order to ensure that WOWOW and the WOWOW group are trusted and respected by society.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations
We comply with domestic and overseas laws and regulations, respect social norms and, based on our management philosophy, conduct good corporate activities.
Examples of relevant laws and regulations to be heeded
The Constitution, Civil Code, Commercial Code, Companies Act, Penal Code, Radio Act, Broadcast Act, Copyright Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Antimonopoly Act, Unfair Competition Prevention Act, Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors, Product Liability Act, Consumer Contract Act, Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Labor Standards Act, Act on Securing, Etc. of Equal Opportunity and Treatment between Men and Women in Employment, Corporation Tax Act, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, administrative agency guidelines, Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association standards, international conventions, overseas laws and regulations, etc.
2. Broadcast programming
We recognize our responsibility as a public institution of society and provide excellent programming in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and broadcast programming editing standards to contribute to the happiness of people and the creation of rich culture.
3. Relationship of trust with customers (subscribers, etc.)
We comply with the relevant laws and regulations and the paid broadcasting service agreement, provide fair, impartial and consistent broadcasting service and obtain customers' trust by disclosing accurate information.
4. Relationship of trust with business partners
We deal fairly and impartially with good sense and integrity, build relationships of trust and develop reciprocally. We do not impose unjust restrictions on transactions or engage in unfair competition, and compete with companies in accordance with free and fair rules.
5. Relationship of trust with shareholders, investors, etc.
We comply with relevant laws and regulations and conduct fair and transparent company management. We disclose management information such as financial matters and the status of business activity accurately and in a timely manner and actively disclose non-statutory information such as the company's management philosophy and management policy. We do not engage in unfair trading (insider trading) of shares, etc.
6. Appropriate accounting
We comply with the relevant laws, regulations, accounting standards and principles of corporate accounting, and factor in accuracy, reliability, clarity, soundness, timeliness and economy in our accounting.
7. Proper management of trade secrets, personal information, etc.
We manage trade secrets properly and strictly so that they will not be disclosed outside the company without permission and not leaked. Personal information on customers (subscribers, etc.) and employees is not used except for its original purpose of collection. If using it for purposes other than this purpose of collection, appropriate measures such as obtaining the prior consent of the individual are taken. This information is also managed properly and strictly so it does not leak outside.
8. Relationship between company and employees
Employees shall comply with the employment rules and internal regulations, maintain the order of the workplace and perform their duties in good faith. They shall treat company property with care. They shall not use company assets or expenses for personal purposes. The company shall comply with labor laws and regulations, strive to maintain a healthy working environment in which it is easy to work and respect individual human rights and character.
9. Relationship with government/administrations
We comply with relevant laws and regulations, strictly refrain from acts that would lead to misunderstandings of collusion with government/administrations such as bribery, profit sharing and illegal political contributions and strive to create a sound and transparent relationship.
10. Handling of anti-social forces
We act with basic legal knowledge, social common sense and justice and strive for sensible behavior in order to not engage in illegal or antisocial acts. We respond to anti-social forces with resolution and have no relations.

WOWOW and the WOWOW group companies contribute to the happiness of people and the creation of rich culture through entertainment. In order to realize this philosophy, we have positioned risk management as an indispensable management strategy based on the recognition that it is extremely important that we become aware of our social responsibility and establish/operate a system to manage material risks we may face upon execution of fair and appropriate management. We hereby establish the risk management policy and declare that we will strive to avoid problems, minimize losses and ensure business continuity by adequately managing various uncertainties surrounding the group companies' business activities and responding promptly and appropriately in the event of a crisis, and thereby enhance corporate value.

1. Establishment of the system
We strive to maximize corporate value by establishing a system and a structure for risk management activities and improving risk management skills.
2. Operation, education and training
We promote and foster risk awareness through education, training and other activities while also recognizing and assessing risks and taking countermeasures.
3. Response to materialized risks
Any individual who recognizes that a risk has materialized or recognizes any sign of a materialized risk shall report immediately regardless of him/her being the person concerned.
4. Response to crises
In the event of a crisis, we will comply with rules and strive to conduct our business faithfully and fairly and to disclose highly transparent information to maintain our social credibility.
1) Respect for human life
We will give utmost consideration to the safety of all those working at WOWOW and the WOWOW group companies and their families and ensure that their lives are not disrupted.
2) Business continuity
We will live up to the trust of our customers/subscribers and other stakeholders by continuing to conduct the business of WOWOW and the WOWOW group companies to the extent possible while minimizing the impact on management.
5. Continuous improvement
We strive to continuously review and improve our risk management activities by adapting to changes in social situations and the business environment.

WOWOW Inc. along with its affiliated companies ("The Company") declares that in accordance with itscorporate philosophy and code ofconduct,it will resolutely act against and by no means engage with individuals and groups such as violence organizations, who use violence, intimidation and deceptive practices to pursue economic benefits ("Anti-Social Forces).

The Company will at all times exclude Anti-Social Forces according to the following principles.

1. Take action against Anti-Social Forces on a corporate level
2. Closely cooperate with external experts and resolutely take legal action against Anti-Social Forces as required
3. Secure the safety of directors, employees and other relevant persons from Anti-Social Forces
4. Ban business or any other ties with Anti-Social Forces, and reject unjust demands
5. Eliminate backroom deals that cover up Anti-Social Forces incidents
6. Be aware that accepting demands from Anti-Social Forces is a violation of laws and regulations and strictly prohibit provision of funds to Anti-Social Forces
7. Will not utilize Anti-Social Forces
8. Will not participate in acts that facilitate or assist the activities of Anti-Social Forces