Career Education for Junior High Students

Since 2012, we have provided career education classes to students at Akasaka Junior High School near our Akasaka head office and at Tatsumi Junior High School near the Tatsumi Broadcasting Center. This gives the children an opportunity to think about how they will make a living in the future at an early stage of their lives. The program was created in collaboration with Key Person 21, an NPO that develops various activities to help young people envision their future with dreams.

1st Period: A Visit from Professionals with Interesting Careers
A number of employees from WOWOW present various anecdotes revolving around work. They speak candidly about topics such as what triggered their interest in an entertainment career and when they feel their jobs are rewarding.

2nd Period: Personal Interests Bingo and Career Map
This workshop helps students to understand themselves, recognize their differences from others, and become aware of the relationship between self and society. Taking "things that get me excited" as the starting point, it expands the possibilities for the future. WOWOW employees who have previously completed relevant training take part in the workshop as facilitators who engage the children's communication abilities.

3rd Period: Virtual Tour of WOWOW Tatsumi Broadcasting Center
During the class for Akasaka Junior High School students in FY2021, we provided a virtual tour that enabled participants to observe the studios, equipment, etc. at Tatsumi Broadcasting Center. For most of the students, it was the first time in their life that they had "visited" a company. They were greatly interested in the typical TV broadcasting equipment at Tatsumi.